Difference between a Panther and a black Cougar


The Puma and Panther

Puma and panther are graceful members of the feline family. These animals are often confused with each other, but they are quite different from each other. The cougar is a separate biological species of the subfamily of small cats. Panther is also called any of the five living animals: snow leopard, lion, leopard, tiger and jaguar. They belong to the genus of big cats.

"Cougar ready to pounce" by "Neil McIntosh" is licensed under CC by Attribution 2.0 Generic

"Cougar ready to pounce" by "Neil McIntosh" is licensed under CC by Attribution 2.0 Generic

The existence of black cougars has not been confirmed. People have long tried to prove that this type of cougar exists in nature, but to this day no one has met cats of this color. In historical chronicles, there is a mention that in 1959, a black cougar was allegedly killed in America. It also states that upon closer inspection, the animal turned out to be brown. In 2007, a black predator was shot by hunters in the same area. However, even then, on the lower part of the body of the killed animal, light scorch marks were found. In nature, there are only black panthers, with which representatives of small cats are confused.

All wildcats are similar to each other. They are athletic, bold and willful. But let's remember the domestic murchalnikov. Isn't the Persian breed different from the Siamese in its li wefestyle, character, and habits? So, with the cougar and the black jaguar — the same story!

Brunettes vs blondes

The first thing that catches your eye is the color of the coat. The term "black panther" does not refer to an independent cat species. The black color is just a gene mutation. Zoologists call such cats melanists. And this is either a leopard (Asian, African), or a jaguar. The latter is more common. Cougars are owners of exceptionally light hair. Different shades of brown are combined with occasional splashes of gray, and the animals become as similar to each other as the sky and earth.

Solid foundation

Each of the predators chose certain land surfaces. While the cougars clambered up the mountain slopes, the panthers settled at their feet. And if a cougar doesn't care what climate zone its mountain is located in, then the panther still remains a fan of the hot climate. Cougars can be found in both North and South America.

The black jaguar prefers the territories of Central America, the swamps and selves of Mato Grosso, as well as the north of Argentina. Yes, the ranges of cougars and panthers often overlap, but cats try to avoid each other.

After deadlines — fuss!

When it comes to procreation, the symbol of a sports brand depends entirely on the weather conditions. If it is cold at the time of the birth of the offspring, then the kittens simply will not survive. Therefore, the mating season of cougars has a strictly limited time frame.

From December to March-the candy and bouquet period, and then the upbringing of young people. The panther has no restrictions. The surrounding area assumes year-round availability of food. The black cat goes on dates whenever she wants.

Who said "meow"?

The cougar can purr. Given the size of the" domestic cat", the sound is as if the neighbor is trying to start his antique car again and again. But due to the lack of sublingual structures, the beauty does not really know how to growl. Something akin to mating season screams — the peak of her vocal talents. And the panther, on the contrary, roars no worse than a Soviet tractor. But Bagheera never learned to meow or purr.

Don't feed the cat for how long

If a black cat is hungry, nothing can stop it. The predator hunts on the ground, most often near watering holes or trails. It doesn't matter whether it's a quiet tread or an ambush. The cougar is an adherent of jumping from heights. What unites the animals is that they can't stand long chases. The panther practices stealth and surprise, while the cougar makes the most of its physiology. In one jump, it can catch up with prey, which is not always acceptable for a panther.

To stay or not to stay?

Both cats can not be called sociable. But if the cougar allows the presence of its own kind on the outskirts of its personal territory, then the panther is against any guests. In his territory, Bagheera is the arbiter of destinies and the king of kings. Any attempts to enter cause rage in the predator. Puma has a more pragmatic approach. The male allows the "ladies" to settle on the outskirts of their own plot. So he provides himself with a harem for the mating season. But on the territory of rivals - and the claw will not stick.

Dining table

Both the blonde and the brunette are great hunters. With the extraction of provisions, they have no problems. But the panther always drags the "catch" to the tree, and already there is poor. Here it will not be hindered by competitors. And if there are attempts to "go to the light", then the inhospitable animal will instantly disappear into the jungle, like fog over the Neva. The cougar eats food exactly where it turned out to get it. The reason for this difference in behavior is simple: panthers have more food competitors.

Reserve of patience

If a cougar has food, then it will not leave it until it has eaten all of it. If she couldn't handle it, then she would hide it in the snow or autumn leaves. Circling will be next to each other, guarding. As soon as he gets hungry, run to the pantry. A panther can't hide anything in a tree. And she doesn't trust surface warehouses any more than people trust goat cabbages. The blonde will hunt even when not hungry. For future reference! A well-fed cougar will not touch an artiodactyl grazing a few meters away.

On an empty stomach!

Bagheera is quite unscrupulous about his food. What contains protein in the composition, then adds to the permanent menu. Size doesn't matter: antelope, buffalo, or roe deer. Sometimes the panther does not even disdain fruit, and the boundaries between wild and domestic animals are completely erased. The cat avoids people, but is not afraid. The cougar, unlike the panther, is wary of bipeds. Therefore, it rarely approaches livestock. In food, the mountain cat is demanding. Doesn't respect skunks, for example.

External differences

The main difference between the cougar and the black panther is the color. The upper part of the puma's body is covered with brown hair, and the head and tail are decorated with reddish-yellow tan markings. Spots and stripes in small quantities are observed only in the young and then only on the paws and tail.

The dark shade of the panther's coat is explained by an excess of certain genes. It is worth noting that the body of this graceful and dangerous animal is not perfectly black in color. Upon closer inspection, you can see that the skin of the predator has a pronounced spotting.

Both the panther and the cougar have incredibly flexible torsos. However, panthers are much larger than cougars. The latter have a relatively small head, and their back is slightly raised in the rear part, since the front paws are shorter than the hind ones. The panther has a smooth back line.

Character traits

Cougars are solitary by nature. This cat can be found in the company of other members of the family only during sexual hunting or if it is a female with cubs. The predator's favorite habitats are elevated areas of terrain. However, in the forests and plateaus, cougars can also be seen. Despite its small weight, the cougar is fearless. A predator's favorite method of hunting is ambush. This cat will never eat the remains of an animal that has already been killed by someone else. For her, the hunt itself is important.

The panther prefers tropical forests and mountain foothills. For habitat, the animal chooses places that are impassable and remote from human settlements. The black panther is mainly nocturnal. Its dark color allows it to easily disguise itself during hunting, and its excellent sense of smell allows it to easily detect the desired prey. The panther is unpredictable and aggressive, can attack people, unlike the cougar. The latter is perhaps the most peaceful animal of all representatives of feline predators.

Black panther can reproduce a roar. This predator has a special device of the upper respiratory system: in place of one of the bones of a part of the visceral skeleton, there is a flexible fold that allows the larynx to swell. The vocal cords in the device are not separated and form a tubular space that functions as an effective sound device.

The cougar, unlike the panther, does not know how to growl, and if it can make a growl, it does it very quietly, almost imperceptibly. In general, by nature this predator is silent. Only occasionally, during sexual hunting, a cougar can make a meowing sound similar to the purring of a domestic cat.

Each feline species is unique in its own way. The population of the animals described above is currently in order. However, do not forget that everything is in the hands of a person.